Soothe The Savage Beast

Music has always been important to me, but I hate to admit that I have always been a Top 40’s kind of gal. But that has changed in the last year and a half since I met my boyfriend and moved to California. He enjoys opera to AC/DC and everything in between. So my horizons have begun to broaden as I find myself being willing to expand my musical tastes and knowledge.

So I have decided to share my forays into new musical styles and types with you all, and every week I shall share with you one of my new favorites. And I would love for you to share your comments (okay too if you don’t like my pick of the week!) and your favorites too!

Here’s this week’s fave:

Hayley Westenra. An angelic voice that stopped me in my tracks, perked my ears up, and made me say “who is that!?” Such beauty and chilling magic! Here she sings Ave Maria for us.

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