Day Two: Single-minded Focus Creates Magic

Pebbles New AdventureSo here we are on just Day Two of Pebbles’ New Adventure. To me it seems like it has been at least two weeks and at times two months. I can only imagine what it feels like to her!

Last night was her first foray outside to “take care of some business”. She resisted the need to go as she cried and barked. Every time we tried to help her up, she just flopped over on her side. Finally, when she just couldn’t take it any longer, she sat up on her own and pushed herself forward and got up enough for me to hoist her with her sling-towel and hold her up for a few steps, much on her own accord.  But I knew that she couldn’t make it all the way out and, unfortunately, Lennie and Monty (my boyfriend and Pebbles’ younger brother) had just gone for their own walk. So I some how picked up my 70 pound girl on my own and rushed outside with her and put her down near her favorite spot. There I witnessed true inspiration: she walked/hopped along, taking her first steps as a tripod with little help from me! It only lasted 4 or 5 hoppy steps, but it was a glorious sight!

She and I together, as we had sat inside the house just before the mad dash, had single minded focus: for her to get herself up and head straight for the door. We held that vision intently and let nothing else in. I know that’s what I did, and I am sure that’s all she could think and see herself.

It was an amazing victory. One that called for a handful of biscuits and a glass of delicious Christmas cordial. Here’s to you, Pebbs!

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