My Inspiration, My Friend, My Love, My Hero

PebblesOn February 12th, 1997 I walked into the North Miami Beach Animal Shelter in search of a special puppy. Little did I know that I would end up finding one of the best friends of my life.

Actually, I should say that she found me. I had been scanning all of the cages, saying ‘hi’ to many sweet furry pups, but when I approached one particular cage, this cute furry ball came bounding toward the cage door as soon as she saw me. That was it. I was hooked…and so was she.

As we drove home that day to start our new life together, we were both beside ourselves with excitement. That was the beautiful beginning to an amazing relationship with one of the most special, loving animals I have ever known.

Sadly, we had our final drive together Wednesday night as I brought her to the vet to take her out of her pain and help her to move on to the next phase of her journey. As you have read in my previous posts, my dear sweet Pebbles had been attacked by what she called the cancer monster. We had chosen to have her left front leg amputated in December to keep her with us for as long as possible as she was still fully enjoying her life.  After the surgery she was doing so well–hopping around, eating up tons of chicken and carrots, and loving life. But then a couple of weeks ago I noticed that her breathing had changed. We visited our (amazing!) vet Dr. Jody and she took an x-ray of Pebbles chest. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread fully to her lungs. We knew then it was just a matter of time. So we just continued loving, playing, and having special treats and even more special moments.

She was such an amazing Warrior. So strong, never giving up until she just couldn’t stand on her own any more.  And even then she fought hard. She never whimpered, whined or complained once. She is my inspiration, my friend, my love, my hero. I still can’t believe she is no longer here.

She had a wonderful life filled with digging holes, chasing squirrels, hiking in the mountains of Massachusetts, California, and the red rocks of Sedona, dining on juicy carrots and tender chicken,  living in 4 states, helping to chase a bear up a tree, licking juice-stained roasting pans, being an older sister to two younger brothers she loved, experiencing the United States countryside as we drove 3000 miles across from East to West, walking in the desert, lying on the beach, playing with other dogs, puppies, and cats, swimming in a pond, getting groomed, being spoiled beyond belief, and being loved and cherished as the Queen that she was. She was Love personified.

I will never forget my special girl. She has touched many a heart, not just mine. She taught me to love deeply, to smile and laugh whenever possible, to find joy in everything and in every moment, and to never ever give up.

Here’s to you my beauty. I will love you forever.

True Love

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  1. Martin J Harding says:

    We send our love and prayers for Pebbles in her new journey…


  2. Caroline Wong says:

    Dearest Elizabeth & Lennie,

    we feel the love & joy you shared with Pebbles – how beautiful to read it in these words. Pebbles may have moved on but her Spirit will forever reside in your hearts. Let the tears flow as easily as the love and may the memories warm you when you think of her … thank you for sharing her with us in this special way. And we send Pebbles on with many blessings for her newest part of her journey!

    XO to two of my favorite people – how inspired I feel!

    Love Light & Angel Blessings,

  3. Jann Hopkins says:

    Aw, Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you. I have a lump in my throat – it’s such a painful thing to do. But just know that Pebbles is cancer free now and romping, playing, and watching over you, her forever master.

  4. Elizabeth my thoughts and love are coming to you now. Your relationship with Pebbles defines love! Soft skin touches to you sister!

  5. When you spell Dog backward it is God. And when you have expierenced that love you know why.
    The good life you shared will help get you through and there is more love waiting for you, just let it in. I lost a son and my wife within three months of each other and my pal Bo and his sister Pooh have helped me beyond words.
    God Bless you
    Bo and Pooh

  6. Dogs teach us so much. To love unconditionally, to forget the past and live in the moment, to be amazed by and enjoy the little things in life.
    Pebbles was a great example of these lessons and will be missed.
    May your heart always remember the blessings that she brought you and the memories you shared.

    K Shawn

  7. Elizabeth ~My heart goes out to you. I post on my blog, Indiana’s Love once in a while & haven’t had the chance to read all of the wonderful blogs on Tripawds. I do visit Tripawds on FB and that’s where I saw your beautiful story. I can truly relate to you and your relationship with Pebbles. She was your soul dog and best friend..and the love of your life… You will cherish her love and keep her in your heart always. My Indy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 15 months ago and we had his front left limb removed. He went cancer free for one year and in January it returned to his lungs. I pray every day that his miracle lasts and shed so many tears for all of you out there and for my boy…Sending lots of love to you and hope you can find comfort & peace with her love…

  8. What a beauiful baby! My JRT, Sydney, is 14+ yrs. old & still my Baby Grrl. Reading your post makes me want to hold her & not let go, but eventually we have to. I’ve had dogs my whole life; there is something so special about each dog’s personality. I saw a sign once that said “‘DOG’ is ‘GOD’ spelled backwards.” Truly, God & dogs are the only ones who give us unconditional love. Our prayers are w/you & Pebbles & family & that she is running free once again, joyful to have known you & that you returned that love.

  9. If you’ve never read “The Rainbow Bridge” ( it might help. We’ve got several friends waiting there for us.

  10. Jamie Booth (Healthy Alternatives) says:

    Dear Elizabeth & Lenny, I am so terribly sorry to hear of Pebbles’ passing. I am sure that as hard as it was to leave you, she is very grateful not only for the love you gave her but that you were able to give the gift of letting her move on. Thank you for sharing and showing us your love by blogging about your journey with her. Sending love and healing energy to all of you.

  11. Dearest Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story on your amazing friendship with Pebbles… A love that strong will never be severed. Want to share a poem I wrote that has helped me over the rough spots as well as friends who have experienced this heart-breaking feeling of loss. Much love to you, Maureen

    they are angels sent to walk the path of our lives…
    so that we may know unconditional love
    in its truest sense.

    when they leave this realm
    the love remains…
    and we are still joined by
    sunbeams and moonlight
    raindrops and snowflakes
    butterflies and whispers.

    together always.

    – Maureen

  12. Fran Harding says:


    I was touched by your story about Pebbles. Thank you for sharing. All of us animal lover share in your loss. We feel the love. And we understand how you feel at this moment. Pebbles had an extraordinary life with you. And you showed her how much you loved her in many ways. One of the most important was allowing her to pass on — and not live in pain. You will never forget your special friend and what she meant to you.


  13. Jan Baron says:

    Oh Elizabeth big hugs to you. You and pebbles show us all how to love unconditionally. I know in my heart Pebbles is watching over you. Sending love to you…

  14. Hi Elizabeth,
    I just became your Twitterish friend am a Malibu Girl and just was very touched by your story. I had to send my boy Bejamin to heaven in late 2009…Its and amazing love and I’m sure you have her strength and spirit living inside you now always. I know I have by big rotty’s strength and power in my heart now more than ever. Such special beings they are. I so happy for you to have known that love in your life. As I lay here on the carpet typing by 1 and a half year old lies next to me full body pressed against my side.

    Lots of Love and Light to You:)