Worth A Thousand Words

Pictures tell a story,
bring light,
radiate an energy,
lighten a load,
cherish our memories,
bring joy,
reveal anticipation,
pass time,
portray Truth,
congratulate and honor,
step us fully into fantasy,
bring about change,
while away the time,
eulogize, memorize,
brighten a life, sing, portray,
warm a cold heart,
reveal a life,
share a love,
open a mind,
expand a soul,
create laughter,
take us away,
touch us,
inspire us,
mirror us.

Where would we be without pictures, photos, videos? We would be still, cold, and lifeless. Those that do not have sight have pictures in their minds, ears, and hearts. Images are every where in every way. Next time you see or hear a picture, realize how it is changing your life and touching your soul – taking you to a place that not a single word could go.




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  1. Jan Gelgood says:

    I’m not usually at a loss for words. But all I can say right now is…WOW.

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