The Universe Connects and Empowers Us

The Universe is our Guide and Friend

My Mom and The Universe

The beautiful words that you see on the above image came to me one day last week as I sat in my Mom’s favorite chair. Feeling so lost without my dear sweet friend,  I prayed desperately for some direction and comfort. Sweetly and gently these words bubbled up from some deep, prolific, pool of beautiful wisdom:

The Universe connects and empowers us to take our own steps and find our own way but is always there to guide – magically and subtly.

We all have access to this brilliant wisdom of course, but I, like I’m sure a lot of you, often forget that that connection is there. It came forth whispering and spreading love. Most importantly it filled me with a remembrance of safety and empowerment. Interestingly enough, things that my Mom’s presence always gave me. 

I have a feeling that my deep longing to see her face, touch her hand and hold her tight will never ever fade, but I know that something Bigger and Wiser has my back, no matter what.

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