Smiling and Laughing: Who Needs Four?

Pebbles New Adventure: outside on 3

“Pebbles New Adventure” has shown me how we can learn lessons everywhere–especially from someone who has overcome adversity and adjusted so quickly to a huge life change such as Pebbles has. You might be saying, “Yeah, she’s a dog. Animals adapt more quickly than people do.” True, but it makes me wonder exactly why. I think that if I lost a limb, it would perhaps take me weeks and months to recover from such a sense of loss and to learn a different way to live my life. It’s the animal’s ability to be unattached and to be in the moment–that’s what gives them the fortitude and wherewithal to roll with the punches and to just take the changes as they come–even if they are life altering.

Pebbles at times moves faster now on three than she did on four! Her tail wags, her demeanor is as peaceful as ever, and I even think the carrots taste sweeter and juicier. How’s that for a rebound?

Life hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the same as it was before. To Pebbles it’s just a change in gait; a new stance. What a wonderful teacher she is to us all!

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