Just Like A Tripawd Pro

Tripawd Pro!Hopping around, tail-wagging, and smiling—these are some of the things that Pebbles does a lot these days. She is so very amazing to watch. She charges up the hill just outside our house and most of the time she gets up on her own to drink water, eat and go out. Sometimes she needs a bit of balance from a two-legged, but she is back to fully enjoying life–just in a new three-legged way. She’s even playing with her cherished toys again (she had given up play for awhile after theĀ  surgery). One of her morning rituals now is going into the front part of the house to visit with the cats (and get a few biskees while she’s at it).

Nothing seems to stop her from taking every advantage of finding joy in her life. One of the most amazing things I have seen is that her heart seems to have tripled in size. She was always a very sweet, loving dog, but lately there is a different look in her eyes when she gazes into mine. Maybe it’s gratitude or maybe it’s just pureness of love. Whatever it may be, it’s quite remarkable and totally melts my heart.

She is beauty and sweetness personified (or should I say dog-ified?). My life is richer and fuller for having made the choice that we made. And I think she is delighted too. As she said, “It’s just a leg anyway.”

If you want to follow Pebbles’ complete Adventure, just click HERE!

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  1. Congratulations!! You are a good example that happiness depends on the crystal with which life is seen!!
    Certainly, it’s beautiful and looks very well!! Congrats again!!