Day Three: Determination Wins

Who knew that having a tripod (or also lovingly called a “tripawd” at ) would be like attending a personal development camp–a VERY  intense personal development camp. Thanks to Pebbs, I am getting real world experience flexing my personal evolution muscles.

As our adventure continues on Day Three*, the challenge also continues in encouraging her to increase her own strength and motivate her to get up and walk on her own. We had been using a towel–as we had researched- to act as a balancer once she is up on three legs. But Pebbles has a lovely quality of stubbornness, and no matter how much she has to “go”, she has not wanted to get up or accept any assistance from us whatsoever. She would cry and whine while making motions of trying to getting up, but when we would try to help her up, she would flop over on her back and side and become dead weight. This went on for some time, exhausting all 3 of us (and unnerving Pebbles’ brother Monty). Somehow we eventually got her up and outside, carrying her most of the way. Once we put her down in her usual spot, she soon lay down and the whole stubborn-refusal-to-allow-us-to-help act began all over again. The poor thing was so riddled with fear- something that gets in all of our ways when we  try to move forward, stopping us in our tracks, no matter how many appendages we have!

But after 30 minutes outside in the cold with worries of her lying on cold cement, I finally thought to myself–perhaps loudly enough so that she could hear– “you are just going to get up now whether you want to or not” and with a fierce determination lifted her up against all her snappy, whiny protests. We then scooped her up and carried her inside out of the cold.

Pebbles in her safe and comfy body pillow--gettin' ready to go for it!

But then, once inside, we were still faced with the dilemma of the fact that she had not done her business in over 48 hours. She began the whine song again and in a stroke of brilliance, Lennie thought to use a body pillow that we have as a support/sling so that she could feel more comfortable and not be in so much fear. She still fought us until I once again was flooded with pure determination to win over her stubbornness and fear and put her up on her feet no matter how hard she protested. This time we let her walk/hop out and about 20 minutes later she did what she had to do!

Maybe it’s also about being strong for our loved ones when they can’t be and they can’t see to the Truth of a situation. Once Pebbles was shown that there was no need to fear, she hopped along as best she could and began getting used to her new gait.

She also sees now that one doesn’t get a biskee for stubbornness– only for walking through fear with resolute determination and persistence. She is just so amazing. When I grow up, I hope I am half the Warrior Goddess that this sweet little being is!

*we are actually in Day Five of Pebbles New Adventure, but Tripawd Care doesn’t always afford time for blog posting!

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