Day 8, 9 10: Just Hoppin’ Along!

At this point, all the days are just running together. But what I am sure of is how Pebbles continually amazes me. Today was a banner day as she got her staples out. She hops in and out of the the vet’s office, outside at home to do her business, and is beginning to look like a tripod-pro.  She is even able to turn around in place–do a 180– without toppling over! She will still fall over at other times though which, even though we’ve been told is normal, is difficult to watch as sometimes it happens too quickly for us to do anything about it. But once we help her back up, she just keeps going along her merry little way as if nothing happened!

Most of the time now to protect her incision she sports her snazzy purple shirt from the Smith College Botanical Gardens that her Grama gave her. Here she is modeling her new wardrobe as she sleeps soundly after an exciting day of rides in the car, staple-removing, and lots of carrots, chicken, and biskees!

Pebbles New Adventure--relaxing after a big day!

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  1. Go Pebbles, GO!!!! I have been reading your story and you are such a huge inspiration to me! Now you just need to let your parents rest and let them know you are a-ok, just the way you are.