Day 7: Victory On Three!

Looks like all of Pebbles resting and healing is beginning to pay off for her–although she is the rested one. For some reason, although she never used to wander around the house and explore or go outside in the middle of the night , she has decided now that being nocturnal is the way to be. But because she can’t quite completely figure out or manage to get up on her own, she whines and cries and barks because she is so frustrated.

But frustration has a magic of its own. She finally got so frustrated that when I wasn’t looking, she got herself up on all three and when I did turn to see her, she was doing her beautiful hoppy-dance right toward me! She kept going all the way outside mostly on her own!

Frustration and complete focus on a goal can turn into action, success and, ultimately,  victory. Watching her makes me believe that all must be possible when one can garner her so-what-if-I only-have-three-legs-I-can-still-do-whatever-I have-to-do mindset.

She is still pretty wobbly, but her mostly solo foray was one of the most exquisite sights I have ever seen! The picture below may not seem the prettiest to you, but to us it is a thing of pure beauty…

Pebbles New Adventure: Victory!

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