Frozen computer got you down?

Or perhaps you can’t tweet as fast as you want to due to a slow connection? Or did you just scream expletives deleted at your computer because you just got the oh-so-lovely Microsoft “program not responding” message yet again or you have become another victim of the Blue Screen of Death?(okay you Mac-ers! My PC can hear your unnecessary chortling from here and it is very sensitive…) Just can't take it any more!

If so, let’s try a new perspective: How awesome is it that we can even be “friends” with someone in Singapore that we have never even met or learn about the origin of peanut butter on Wikipedia? I, for one, often forget the miracle of this incredible technology. And yet another beauty of the techno-world (other than using it to see how many “followers” we can get in one day–Sorry. Inside joke reserved for Twitteraholics), is for all of us to be able to share. Share our ideas. Share our points of view. Share our talents. Share our wisdom.

I used to think, “Yeah, but that person over there is already sharing with the world a belief I hold to be true”, or “but that person over there is providing a service I provide” and concluding from that, “Well, then why should I share?” The answer is because I MUST! YOU MUST! There really is a limited number of Universal Principles and understandings of Life and Being, but there is an infinite number of ways to present them! And that is why we are all here at this time. To present over and over again and, each time, touching someone new in a completely different way then your neighbor has. Ever have a book sitting on your shelf for five years and then one day you walk past it and it suddenly jumps out at you screaming, “READ ME! NOW!!!” That is because “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (kudos here to Wayne Dyer who taught me that one as well as “when the teacher is ready the student will appear”).

So we just never know when our students will be ready to hear what we have to teach. They could have heard about the same concept from 50 different people, but then you open your mouth or take pen to paper and they say, “Oh yeah! I get it! Wow!” and you have changed someone’s life forever.

That happened to me today. I was just perusing the internet and ran across this video on YouTube. It is 15 minutes long (14:33 to be exact) but so well worth your time. Here Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple, in a commencement speech at StanfordĀ  University, speaks to us of age old concepts of love, trust, loss, and passion for what we do. And he echoes some of the concepts I write about and am passionate about. But he spoke in such a way that I was reminded yet again how important it is to hold all those principles very dear and to fully practice them in my life.

So as Mr. Jobs says, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” And IĀ  say, “Please share of you. I want to know you. I want to hear what you have to say. Others want to know you and hear you. Let’s have dialogues and conversations. Let’s connect. Let’s change the world together.”

I hope this perspective helps ease your stress the next time you are watching a Lakers game on your computer and it freezes up just as Kobe is making yet another phenomenal 3-pointer to win the game…

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  1. Yet again… I have seen this commencement address before, but like re-reading a good book, it is inevitable to sometimes read (or in this case hear) something new upon the re-visitation…

    Thanks for sharing this

  2. “The frozen computer depressed you?” – title I translated your entry to hungarian language the morphologic name with an on-line translator, but I do not understand it then: what his message, his motto? You are so much different the thinking our manner according to you, how we do not take each other’s thoughts put in writing?

    Please to write in brief-style: what is the motto?

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