The Pebbles Principle

Another week has flown by and my sweet little tripawd is getting faster and faster on 3! Below she is modeling what she calls her fancy Tripawd Walking Suit. We ordered it at to help us help her get up and sometimes walk or balance a bit better.

Right after Pebbles surgery (her one month “ampuversary” is tomorrow!) I had become obsessed with the fact that my beautiful dog, the one that I had known for 14 years with 4 legs, had changed. But after much suffering, I finally realized that I had been missing the fact that she’s still here with us, loving us and being in this world with us. I can still hug her and kiss her which I love to do. My lack of acceptance had taken me out of my present moment and living my life to the fullest. And how did I come to this realization? It was by observing Pebbles.

She had accepted it right away. It may have taken her a bit to figure out the new maneuvering she had to do to get about, but as far as she was concerned, it’s just a leg and now she just has a new way to walk and a new gait—actually she hops and moves now sometimes faster on 3 than she did on 4! So I thought, “Well, if she can accept it, why can’t I?”

What I discovered to be the biggest hindrance of my flowing with this drastic newness and change was my unwillingness to accept it. Newness and change is going on every moment of every day. It’s in small things like a new sweater you buy at the store and it’s in bigger things like births and deaths. Altering our reaction to change is the key for us to be able to deal with it when it shows up. If we don’t, it will be an uphill battle, and we will keep ourselves from fully living our lives.

So now I celebrate every moment I am with Pebbles and that she is here loving us. I look at the new way she moves and hops and stands with such great joy. And I can do that because I am totally accepting her newness; her new body.

I have decided to name this phenomenon of full acceptance of change and newness The Pebbles Principle. It’s when you fall into the full acceptance of change in your life.  I invite you to join me and use The Pebbles Principle as often as you can so that we can change our perceptions together and begin to see changes in our lives with new eyes… as I continue to celebrate the beauty of life with my special, amazing girl.

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  1. She is such a beautiful girl. She teaches me new things every day!