me-and-monty-traveling-foolsHi! My name is Elizabeth LaPrade. So happy you’ve joined me here at my website! Life can be pretty exciting, can’t it? So much amazement everywhere. Part of my path to this wonderment is in the exploration of my inner horizons that I discover through meditation and contemplative walks it the woods.  And when I’m not hanging out in these esoteric realms, you’ll find me exploring the countryside and mountains, cooking up a delicious meal, playing ball with my amazing furry friend Jackson, or simply curled up with a good book in my cozy living room eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking red wine (life CAN be decadent if we so choose…) And when I’ve done all that, I bounce right back in as part-owner of a growing and exciting web design agency.

As I flow and fly along my amazing path from one adventure to the next, I am so aware of the magic we can create with a whisper, a cry, a laugh, a piercing wail, and ultimately with the words that accompany all of that magic.

We are all related to Merlin, that amazing wizard. Some of us have a closer relationship than others, but we all possess the ability to create the mysterious alchemy that he is all about. And within the sacred walls of this glorious blogsite, I intend to use the power and magic of words to heal, provoke to thought, inspire, educate, perhaps to help you smile, cry, or to simply understand. No matter what, it is with great honor that I begin this journey with you.

Let’s wait, watch, and create magic together. Thanks for joining me on this fun ride called LIFE. Let’s see where this journey takes us next!

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