Just bet it all…

Show me the money!
It appeared to be just another game of evening fun with my family and an innocent game of Texas hold ’em.  Little did I know that as my nephew dealt the cards,  enlightenment was waiting for me just around the corner.

I looked at my measly pile of chips.  An odd sight as I was used to seeing  large chunks of change.  I looked at my cards and thought to myself, “Nope. Can’t do it”, and I folded. My brother dealt the next hand. My prospects dimmed as my pile continued to shrink.  I looked at my melting chip pile.  I looked at my cards.  “Nope. Can’t do it”  and folded again.

For some reason in that moment I became aware of the biting little voice inside my head. It was saying, “No! Hold onto what you have! Don’t be stupid! Don’t bet any more! You are close to having NOTHING! You will have NOTHING SOON!”  In retrospect I saw that the din of the vicious bully ego voice was drowning out the sweet, compassionate  tones of my intuition; my connection to my inner knowing.  That voice was telling me, “You have a great chance of being a winner this time! Go for it! It is safe!”  But in that moment, the bully won and I folded  (It turned out that if I had trusted and stuck in the game, I would have won the whole pot!).

My Mom dealt the next hand. Then, in a strangely timed moment of incredible awareness, I immediately saw the parallel to my everyday life and how I approach my issues surrounding my abundance with the same trepidation. The bully will say, “Hey! Hold onto all you’ve got! You don’t have enough! Don’t do it! You will end up with NOTHING!”  And the melodious voice of my intuition will gently whisper,  “It  will all be okay. You will be taken care of. You are safe. TRUST!”  So right then and there I saw how I could make a different choice, and I dared the bully to take me out again with its lies.  But this time it folded and I, the Inner True Me, won!

Trust. Trust. Trust.  Today I choose to fully trust.  Neat mantra, eh?

Just goes to show that our lessons are lying in wait for us everywhere.  Even under a poker chip.

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  1. Yah but… Did you win the hand?

  2. I love this post. It closely mirrors something that Napoleon hill states in Think and Grow Rich: if you want to accomplish that goal, you have to approach it as if it is you absolute last and only resort. Only by focusing on your goal with that sort of laser-like clarity will you be able to accomplish the really huge goals.

  3. I completely love this post.

  4. Love this post! Trust is soooo important a skill and a big part of attraction! Life is a feast and an experiment!

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