The new year is here!

As I saw myself moving forward into the new year, as if taking virgin steps on freshly fallen snow, I asked, “How can I move onto this untouched ground with respect, gratitude, and clarity?” Without hesitation I chose to rebirth myself.

Rebirthing is beautiful breathwork that clears the body of blocked energy, emotions, and toxins while healing and connecting us to Source.  Afterall, our breath is Life.  And just in case you are still not clear of how amazing and transformational Rebirthing can be, below you will find a list of reasons you should check out (or revisit) this divine breathwork:

  1. It allows you to clear karma that’s been hanging out with you for  eons
  2. It allows you to experience life fully and freely while being  present within each moment
  3. It helps to clear old suppressed traumatic occurrences
  4. It gets you in touch with your inner self
  5. It is an extremely effective stress reduction technique
  6. It allows you to experience the flow of life-force energy in your body
  7. You will feel lighter
  8. It will unravel mysteries of your mind, body, and life
  9. Helps you say good-bye to negativity
  10. It facilitates forgiveness

This is actually just a smattering of the marvels of Rebirthing.  Rebirthing is something that everyone should experience at least once, although I highly recommend hooking up with a trained professional rebirther for a series of sessions.

So today, as I completed my own session, I once again was reminded of the beautiful presence of something more masterful, more precious, more loving than anyone of us can barely imagine. What a grand way to enter into this new year of mastery for us all.

Just say it and it is so.

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