The Peacemakers

peace1Most of us have seen “The Miss America Beauty Pageant” and have heard the classic contestant desire “My wish is for world peace”.  Sounds pretty hokey and impossible to most, but there are many out there that are working to take baby steps in that direction. Below I share a couple of examples of those working towards this incredible goal.

The first is of an amazing peacemaker in my (new) family. His name is Tristan (Tristan is the Brad Pitt of cats). At 5 AM a couple of mornings ago I was woken from a sound sleep by my boyfriend loudly exclaiming, “Oh  my God! Tristan was sitting right next to a raccoon on the deck!” Apparently Tristan was just sitting next to a raccoon, twice Tristan’s size,  who had stealthily slid onto the enclosed cat deck and was hanging out right next to Tristan on the cats’ overstuffed chair. There was no growling, hissing, or swatting. Just sitting and being. Perhaps just chewing the fat in whatever way animals do. In that moment, Tristan chose to be a peacemaker and not fight with the intruder. Perhaps Tristan had chosen to answer the age-old cliche, “Can’t we all just get along?”


Secondly, I would like to share with you a video sent to me by a friend that brings to light an amazing day, “Peace Day”. It is celebrated with a fixed calendar day on September 21st. What role will YOU have in our inevitable progression toward peace?

Also check out the Peace One Day website.

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