The Glorious Melodies Of Life

Years ago I worked as a department manager at a Target store in south central Jersey. I must admit that I just flat out hated it. And one of the things that bothered me the most was the fact that there wasn’t (and still isn’t) any piped-in music in ANY Target store.  The result of some silly survey I was told.  But without the lovely tones of some generic musak piece in the background, there was nothing to detract from that voice in my head that was yelling, “get me outta here!”  And the silence was enough to drive me crazy.  But then there was the stockroom. Oh yes! The stockroom! I was always so thrilled if a customer couldn’t find something on the shelf and I had to go see what was in stock.  Know why I was so excited?  Because they were playing music back there! Even if those crazy stock boys were playing rap or some insane heavy metal,  I would be smiling and moving to the beat! The tension would leave my body even for just a brief moment, and I would be reminded of LIFE.

Yes, that is what music is.  It is Life.  It stirs our inner being.  It touches our hearts.  It reminds us of love, passion, and beauty while it fills us with joy and peace. With its simplicity it can bring a tear or a smile or even remind us of all the somethings that are beyond this 3-D dimension. And with its power it can remind us to breathe, to become present, to feel our hearts beating with the breath of Life.

Ahhh…the power of music.

And with that I would like to share with you a glorious re-make of a song I know you all know, but when I heard it I fell in love.  In love with that moment, in love with the piercing beauty of the melody, in love with All That Is.  Yes, some of you may say that I’m a cornball, but that is how I would describe to you what was invoked within me as I heard the beauty of this amazing woman’s voice.

Open your heart as you listen to the Beauty that is Eva Cassidy.  I hope you will join me in this simple bit of rapture.

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  1. Cool rendition. A little TOO muzak-y for me. My youngest son plays this version over and over: – it’s a shame the guy came to a tragic end. Ahhh…the power of music.

  2. Sadly Eva Cassidy’s life was way to short too. The version John is tallking about is the one by Hawaiian ukulele master Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

    Eva never became famous outside of her local clubs until after her death. I find it amazing that these videos even exist. Living your best life means that your dreams really do come true… even when you’re gone.

    You are truly beautiful!

  3. Wow, the way she sings this song is beyond lovely. I’m so glad you shared this, because I would never have seen it, and I was SO MOVED by it. I also loved the way you told your story, Elizabeth. Your story was as beautiful and touching as the way Eva sang this song.


  4. I have a friend who is a huge Eva Cassidy fan, and I have heard this recording thanks to her … but never saw the video before now. I have tears in my eyes; this is just beautiful (as are you!) – thank you so much for sharing it, and yourself with us. And I agree about music, as well. I was a music major in my “former life” (before energy/spiritual work), and music still deeply touches my heart and soul.

    Blessings and gratitude to you.

  5. Dear Elizabeth,
    I could not agree more with you about music. Music, the aural, is my lifeline as well. Love your writing,


  6. Beth,
    Loved reading your stuff. Music is life. You’re (still) always a woman to me.

  7. Kindred spirit,
    I first heard Evan Cassidy sing on NPR a number of years back, I think NPR was doing a documentary about her life, and I was so moved by her voice that I proceeded to become a huge fan and was blown away when I saw this video link on your sight!
    Thank you, sweet soul!

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