The Discovery of Your Personal Alchemy: #7

As I have been saying, discovering your inner magic is not about creating your inner Magic. On the contrary, you are loaded to the gills with Magic. It is about REDISCOVERING your inner magic. You have simply forgotten that you have this vast storehouse, this amazing bag of tricks. So here I present to you yet another key to rediscovering your Wizardly powers:

Music makes the world go around.

Magical music notes

It also can assist you in discovering your inner magic.

The beauty of music is that it can put you in touch with your wizardry in an instant. That’s because music is Life. It stirs our inner being. It touches our hearts. With its power it can remind us to breathe, to become present, to feel our hearts beating with the breath of Life. Its simplicity can bring a tear or a smile or even remind us of all the somethings that are beyond this 3-D dimension. It reminds us of love, passion, and beauty while it fills us with joy and peace. And that is where we find our inner Merlin–nestled within that vibration of love, joy, and peace.

My suggestion to you is that you make music more and more of a conscious choice in your everyday existence. Let it take you away to those magical creative places and let your vibration soar through the roof tops. Make it a part of your daily routine–just like brushing your teeth.

When you are feeling less than wizardly, put on your favorite tune. When you are looking to feel more empowerment, melt into a wonderful symphony. Or when you are simply wanting to find some peace and strength amidst a hectic day, fall into your favorite melody.

Below I share with you some songs that assist my magic in flowing forth. I know you have your favorites too.

Eva Cassidy: an all-time-favorite from an amazing beauty:

David Lanz: Simply magical…

You are the composer of your life. The symphony is yours to conduct and arrange and set to the music of your dreams. As you hear the lilting, magical melodies of your choosing, feel and know for sure that you are Merlin and Merlin is you. Your Magic Wand!

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  1. Now that’s what I am talking about,for me even at the earliest age I knew,I knew from an internally part of me,that music hold this incredible enegry,once you plug into it and let it flow,nothing is impossible.
    When I was 8 I was diagnose with a kidney ailment,two times I was operated on and the thrid time was very if-y,as in he might not make it to see 9 maybe 10 tops.
    To kill the hours I was given a portable record player and 12 album set of classical music.
    Every day at 8:30 on the dot,the opening notes of the William Tell Overture could be heard through the hallway as I heard and I felt that what ever is stopping me,it won’t be for long. I came through with flying colors.
    Since then my love of music has expanded,I have a archive of a collection,to say the least. It has helped in the darkest of days and nights and has helped me celebrate my highs,like finishing Enlightened Warrior and Wizard Training.
    Knowing know that this is the trick to get into the flow, I now cherish and appreciate music even more.

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