Meet A Magician

Meet Mike Dooley. I just met him for the first time today when a friend of mine shared his website. Perhaps you know him and have seen him and this video. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. If you have, how lucky are you to have the opportunity again!  He is a bestselling author with the book “Infinite Possibilities” and was featured in “The Secret”.

Mike Dooley speaks the language of a wizard; a magician. He speaks this language simply and neatly and brings an understandable explanation of being an alchemist.  And it is not as though he is different than you or I. You and I have the same tools and abilities. He has simply discovered some keys to wielding his wand in a way to produce magic consistently in his life and it is inspiring.

One of the most powerful things that he shares is that it is best to visualize the end without attaching to how’s or specifics. Define the end; not how you are going to get there.  Incorporate his ideas into your regimin for discovering your personal alchemy.

Your mind may tell you that you’ve heard all of this before. But listen with new ears and open to new possibilities and perspectives. You may surprise yourself!

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  1. Oh, I just ADORE Mike Dooley! I’ve received his daily “notes from the universe” for about three years now, and I find them SO inspiring and uplifting. Not to mention he can be just plain funny! Truly a magician if there ever was one.

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