What if today was your last day?

Quite the heavy question, don’t you think? I was quite surprised to hear the rock group Nickelback posing it to me. It’s so interesting where profundity lies…

The setting of each beautiful momentSo I thought about it. Have you? One of my favorite questions in the song is “Would you let anything get in your way?”. We do that, you know. We let things get in our way. And we are the creator of those obstacles. Don’t look elsewhere to place blame. I am willing to take the responsibility for my barriers to my in-the-moment discoveries of Truth. There is so often an excuse; a reason why we can’t; we are just too busy. Yes. Too busy to notice. Too busy to live the rising and setting of each incredible, colorful moment. Too busy to take the time to see what is really there. Maybe we’re too caught up in keeping up with the Joneses, lamenting over dropping stocks, or just complaining that it is raining or snowing yet again. Whatever it is, it is keeping us from living as though today is our last day.

I will be the first to admit that it is so very easy to get caught up in the 3-D. But that is such a small portion of our existence. An important part, but the grandness of What Really Matters is actually very invisible to the human eye. The heart knows it. The heart feels it. The heart is the connection to What Really Is. The heart will give you the answer to Nickelback’s question. And watch what happens when you come up with your answers. Magic occurs. For when you concentrate on the beauty of what is at the essence of your existence, what is really important, the flow of your life changes. Perhaps if we lived in and from a place that is connected to our Truth, that place of what-if-today-was-your-last-day, then life would no longer be “Oh yeah. It’s just my life. Big deal” but  “OH YEAH!! THIS IS MY LIFE AND IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!!”

So I challenge you to continually bring yourself back to each moment where you can Really and Truly live; in the moment as if it is the last. As if it is the first. As if it just is. And there you are in it.

Transformation is in the air, around the corner, in each moment, and even on the riff of a guitar. Check it out as Nickelback spells it out for us.

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  1. I’d call all my family members and tell them I love you. I’d then proceed to eat as much ice cream and and have as much sex as possible. 😉


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