The Energy of Love

LoveLove shows Itself continuously– everywhere– in a myriad of forms. Love for a partner, friend, parent, or family member. But are you fully seeing and acknowledging It everywhere you can? This encompassing energy can sneak up on you when you least expect it. I am not necessarily talking about romantic love, but something even more profound. There is a Love that can show up between two people that can bring you to a place that you never saw coming or never traveled to so quickly.

So I ask you this: are there those you meet in your life with whom you feel and share this rare, vibrating energy but, instead of acknowledging it, you just walk by and say to yourself, “Wow! That was amazing!” and just keep going? Next time turn around and speak; speak your Truth. You may never have another chance. And what if that sharing brings you to a whole new level of Being? When my soul energy is stirred, I speak; I  boldly speak my Truth when my heart is touched.

If you are withholding your voice and feelings and thoughts because of fear of judgment or rejection or not getting the response you expect, just do it anyway. Expect that you will be fully embraced. I feel that so many of us are living our lives at times in a cocoon and not expressing our Love or admiration to those we meet–even if those moments are short and there is a chance we will never see him or her again. It is time to share of ourselves in any and all ways.

Look them in the eyes and say what you need to say!

I love this song of John Mayer’s.  Listen closely to the lyrics. They could mean all the difference in your life and your world, and in the life and the world of another.

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