Day One: The New Adventure

Hello my friends! Just want to give you an update on Pebbles surgery yesterday.

The surgery went well, finding that the cancer had not spread too much. Pebbles is so remarkable-she came home as a tripawd just 2 hours after the surgery and seems to be so relieved to have her sick leg gone. She’s taken a few steps on her own-I just support her with a towel as a sling right now- and her appetite for chicken and carrots (and anything else!) seems to have only increased! She is peaceful and happy and more filled with love than ever.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your love, prayers, and healing energy. We have a little work ahead of us, but being able to hold my girl in my lap and arms and look into her beautiful eyes makes my life more wonderful than ever!

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  1. Pebbles, right now we’re betting your chasing pink elephants and not feeling so great. But in a few days time, you’ll be back to your old self. Stay strong, take it easy and we’ll look forward to when you get your spunk back again! Keep us posted OK?

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