Ascend to your own Greatness


My guess is that if you are spiritual or not, this picture will stir up something within you.

For those of you who are familiar with the amazing journey of Jesus  Christ, you understand the power of this day as you feel the power of this picture and what it signifies. And as you gaze upon this picture, ask yourself if you think there is a possibility that this picture can be a reflection of YOU. Perhaps you are now saying to yourself, “What is she talking about? This is a depiction of a spiritual master. What on Earth could we have in common?” My answer is that you have EVERYTHING in common with Him.

One of his lessons to us was to help us to see our greatness, our inner beauty, our eloquence, grace, Look and see the Real Youstrength, and Truth. He is a mirror for you of the true essence of YOU. It is so easy to forget that in the day-to-day “stuff’ we create and then get stuck in. So if, in those times, we can pry open that door of our greatness and allow the Light of that amazing often-hidden space within to flood us, we will feel our inner beauty, strength, and amazement.

And beyond that: remind your friends and family to look in their own mirrors as well and see that beautiful strength and mightiness. Chances are they have forgotten too. Bring to them the gift of remembrance. Bring to them the gift of awareness.  Bring to them the gift of knowing that they can turn their meek meows into melodious roars in the instant that they see who they really are.

Let me hear YOU roar!

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