The magic unfolds…

Have you ever stepped into a space that just took your breath away? A place that just stopped you dead in your tracks as you caught your breath? That’s what has just happened here as I type my first dialogue on this sacred ground. And shouldn’t our words always be sheltered in sacredness? Too often we just fling out whatever comes to mind without thought of where it will land or even who or what it might devastate. Of all of God’s creatures, we have been given the hallowed gift of speech. The overall intention is of course to communicate, but how often do we realize that this is a privilege, an honor, a precious treasure?

MerlinAs I flow and fly along my amazing path from one adventure to the next, I am finally recognizing the magic we can create with a whisper, with a cry, with a laugh, with a piercing wail, and ultimately with the words that accompany all of that magic.  We are all related to Merlin, that amazing wizard.  Some of us have a closer relationship than others, but we all possess the ability to create the mysterious alchemy that he is all about. And within the sacred walls of this glorious blogsite, I intend to use the power and magic of words to heal, provoke to thought, inspire, educate, perhaps to help you smile, cry, or to simply understand.  No matter what, it is with great honor that I begin this journey with you.

Let’s wait, watch, and create magic together.

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  1. Robby Leviton says:

    Elizabeth, This is such a wonderful writing. It reminds me that the space that takes my breath away isn’t always a physical place I am viewing. It can also be a state of mind, or an action I am taking such as you mention in your writing. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding to connect to such powerful emotions
    Blessings to you in all you do.
    Robby Leviton

  2. Elizabeth, the power of the tongue is astonishing. A brief lashing can bring somebody down so easily, and at the same time, even the smallest compliment can leave somebody smiling for the rest of the day. Your journey strikes a chord with me. I believe strongly that whatever you put out there will one day come back to you. Thank you for sharing the good in yourself with the world.

  3. Elizabeth, wow, you are a WONDERFUL WRITER! You do have a special gift with words and the way you expressed how the power of words can affect someone else is very true. Wonderfully stated. I am going to share your blog with my daughter who aspires to be a journalist someday.

    I am going to read all of your writing on this snowy day. You have a lovely and very special gift and I am glad you are sharing it!!

  4. You are so inspiring to me. Voice, in general, and speech in particular are such amazing gifts. Speech can be used for wonder and beauty, however it can be used as foul, hurtful weapon. The responsibility for us is to wield this powerful tool for the greater good.

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