The Discovery Of Your Personal Alchemy: Avenue #3

FlowingWhat does it mean to be connected with your magic? Have you ever had a day where everything just seemed to fall into place–you felt yourself flowing with life, everyone you met was happy, you got your favorite parking spot at work, your relationships flowed, and you said all of the right things? Sometimes it may feel as if those days are too far and few between. It is for that reason we have to put a bit more effort in propelling ourselves towards the discovery of those moments in order to make them virtually an everyday occasion. Skeptical? Even if you are, join me now as we take a closer look at one avenue you can take to arrive at the place of flowing with life instead of flowing against it. Just give it a try…

Take a moment now and be still. Search your memory for a day where you experienced a feeling of being in the flow; when you knew there was magic in the air. As you remember this, feel it as fully as you can. If you cannot remember one, imagine what this kind of day could be like for you. See yourself waking up happy, well-rested. Imagine that everything is easy for you, people are complimenting you, special things “just happen”. When you clearly feel and see this most perfect day, notice how your body is effected. Perhaps you will feel a smile creeping across your face, your breathing slowing down, and any tension you have leaving your body as you see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, and even taste it. You will be giving this scene, this idyllic landscape, full life. Give yourself permission to totally use your imagination. Just go for it!

A Perfect Day!As you fully feel this glorious scene, you will be raising your vibration. A raised vibration is the only way you will be able to attract and create magic in your life. Our Inner Magician is made of this high vibration so it will be stimulated by these lovely and beautiful thoughts. The more you do this, the more it will become a habit. You can even do this when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It is in those situations we need to tap into our Inner Magic the most. Stress and overwhelm carry with them low vibration so it is in those times we need to raise it up. Thoughts are so very powerful. They can simply make you or break you.

When you find that you are fully immersed in the joy and lightness of your scene, you can anchor this feeling with a unique gesture like squeezing your thumb, making a fist, or pulling your earlobe. Anchoring is a neuro-linguistic programming term for the process by which a state change, activity, feeling, or event, becomes connected or anchored to a particular stimulus such as I suggested above. Do this anchoring gesture when the feeling of joy and peace is at its height. When the feeling fades, create the same or another idyllic scene and repeat the same imagination process as you did the first time. Repeat the anchor stimulus again at the most intense point. Repeat this whole process a third time. So now in the future, when you repeat the anchor, you will be taken back to your scene and its ensuing high vibration.

Magic WandNow you have a built in reminder and trigger for your Inner Magic. How great is that? It works beautifully for me, especially when I am in a tense or stressed place. It is in those moments we forget that we Truly are Merlin. I”ll do whatever it takes to find and use my beautiful Magic Wand. How about you…?

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