The Discovery Of Your Personal Alchemy: Avenue #2

“We are all wizards. Breathe in this glorious fact. Feel it. Know it. The magic is there all around you. Just when you least expect it you will see a beautiful wand in your hand and your desires and dreams will have materialized at your feet. Merlin is all of us and we are all Merlin.”

I wrote those words to you all back in February of 2009 and they still stand true. You are Merlin and Merlin is you. It is just a matter of continually using the right formulas–the formulas that work for you– to find and open up your treasure chest of Magic. And just so you know, you were born with this treasure chest. Maybe you are now just finding the map or perhaps you’ve been sidelined a bit with some adventures and have rekindled your hunt for your buried treasure. No matter what your circumstance may be, these tools I am sharing will help you to find that buried treasure.  It just takes a little practice and a little patience. I will give you the shovel. It is simply up to you to pick it up and break ground.

The technique I present to you here is a meditation based on the Buddhist meditation called vipissana. It is all about the amazing art of being present with whatever arises.  What I share with you I call B.L.I.S.S. meditation.  Here I will break it down for you:


  1. Breathe
  2. Look
  3. Inside
  4. See
  5. Separate

Simple. Straight forward. Direct to the point. And you may ask, what IS the point? The point, the bottom line, is to get to #5 and see that you are SEPARATE from all that is arising, whether it be a thought or an emotion. Thoughts and emotions come and go with the wind. The trouble comes when we follow their track.

So  find yourself a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes. Breathe, just normally. Focus on your breathe as long as you can. Be patient. Even if you can only focus on a half of a breath; that is perfect. When something pulls you away from your breathe then Look Inside. This means simply to look at what comes or is coming up. There will be thoughts or perhaps emotions that will arise.

See these thoughts or emotions. You can perhaps see the words themselves. Or if it is an emotion, label it. For example, if it is sadness, say to your self “sadness”. Observe everything in this way. And as you do this labeling and observing, it will become magically Separate from you. When you become the observer, that thought or emotion is no longer felt as to be you or part of you. Once it is all separate, then comes the Magic. All of this can happen in a matter of seconds. As you arrive at the bottom line of becoming Separate from what you are seeing or observing, then go back to the first step which is to Breathe and focus on your breathe. You have come full circle in the process.


The  minute you begin to honor and observe that which has arisen, it will fall away and dissolve into that which it came from. And when you continually do that, you will begin to see glimpses of your inner magic; your treasure chest. This practice will help to unveil your personal alchemy.

Ever find yourself on a treadmill in your head, running the same thought over and over and over again? If you feel yourself caught in this trap, take in a deep Breathe, Look Inside, and See the thought. This action will then magically Separate you from it so you can jump off of the treadmill. It relieves the overwhelm, the distraction from the Now. And in the Now is the only place we will ever discover our Magic. This tYour Magic Wandool can be used anywhere anytime to bring you back to focus and back to life.

If you practice this BLISS meditation diligently, you will uncover your inner magician more and more. It takes persistence and patience to dust off that Magic Wand of yours. But isn’t it worth it???

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