The Discovery Of Your Personal Alchemy: Avenue #1

Merlin the MagicianWhat we see with our physical eyes is such a small fraction of what is present for us. There is a whole other world of multidimensional existence that we forget about. Our own magic lies in the connections we have to those other dimensions. And it is not really about re-connection but about simple awareness that we are already connected. As we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives and the personal stories and dramas that we create, we forget that the key to ease, grace, and joy in our lives is right there for the taking. When we are aware of our inner magic, our personal alchemy, we can bring back the balance we need and the clear focus that helps us create what we want in our lives and helps us flow and roll with the punches that life can bring.

When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are: INFINITE ~William Blake

This words come from a true alchemist. He understands that our  personal alchemy, our inner magic, can be reached and tapped into when we clear out the years and layers of “stuff” that has been piled on top of it and has buried it from our sight. So today I offer a powerful tool to help you to begin to clear away some of those layers.

The technique I am going to share with you is based on the teaching of Julia Cameron from her fabulous book “The Artist’s Way”.  She created a very powerful technique that she calls “Morning Pages”.  The “Morning Pages” are a way to clear out our minds; the thoughts that are just floating there; the emotions that are just waiting to be expressed. I have come to think of them as “Anytime Pages” because I use her technique any time of the day. The principle is to use stream-of-consciousness writing and pen out, without pausing, three pages in long hand. Just write whatever comes to your mind. WHATEVER! Know that no one will be reading these pages and that you are free and safe to write whatever comes up for you. I use them in the morning, but also any time of day that I feel a sense of overwhelm in my brain or when I feel myself not present in the moment because my mind is flooded with thoughts or emotions that  are taking me out of the now. If done on a daily basis, you will begin to feel lighter and clearer. I feel a difference after one sitting. You will begin to feel more connected to the Source of all Magic. It is truly magical!

I will warn you that there may be mornings or days that your inner mind chatter will tell you that you don’t need to write anything. It will tell you that you are wasting your time or you will suddenly feel the urge to do ANYTHING but write.  But when you push through that fighting ego and just do it, the rewards will  be immense!I Present To You Your Magic Wand!

As the layers are slowly cleared away, you will begin to feel you inner magician awaken and come to life–just like magic!

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  1. Abracadrabra!! great post! Be blessed and be open to receive! And be willing to give! Big Love,DenRA

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