The Discovery Of Your Personal Alchemy: #6

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you  ~James Allen

second thoughts2I must say that I certainly agree with Mr. Allen. Your thoughts are the first step in creating the life that you want; the first step in awakening and then using your Magic.

Did you know that your Magic has a special formula? Here it is:

Thoughts + Emotion + Action + Allowing = Magic

It is the Magic that mysteriously takes you to the door of your hearts desire and at the same time gives you the key. And as I am sure you know, one’s thoughts can run rampant and if they are not policed, can wreck havoc in your life. If they are cultivated and observed and understood, you can use them for your highest good.

Undoubtedly you have by now heard of the movie “The Secret”. “The Secret” is all about rediscovering your Magic and talks about the importance of using your thoughts to manifest what you want in your life. As the formula above demonstrates, even though thought is one of four components in our becoming Magicians, it is important to note that it is the first step.

So in this vein, I recommend the use of what is called a Vision Board or what I like to call a Magic Treasure Map. This special Map, when you are done, will speak your desires  through pictures. And the Magic part is that these pictures are not only speaking to you or whoever may look at it, but they are also speaking directly to the Universe and clearly expressing what you want to show up in your life.


To begin, gather magazines, newpapers, photographs. You’ll need glue (not Elmer’s as it wrinkles up when it dries), scissors, and some poster board. I like to have all of my supplies ready to go in front of me, and then I will sit quietly or play some gentle, lilting music,  and simply ask myself what my intention is–what do I really want. Perhaps ideas and pictures will flow. Or if not,  once in a quiet space, pick up your magazines and start flipping through. Images will jump out and your creativity will flow. You can also cut out words and phrases that resonate. Have fun!

Then, when you have piles of pictures and words or phrases, place them on the board in whatever place and way you are drawn. Remember that there is no right or wrong; just go with your intuition as to what is right for you. This is the time you will feel magic flowing. Allow yourself to be swept off and to feel as if you are one with the pictures and images and that these beautiful desires are part of your life. If you have a picture of yourself–it is best if you are smiling in the photo– use that as a centerpiece of your Magic Collage. Then you will not just feel to be a part of these beautiful desires, but you can SEE them flowing all around you.

Put this Magic Treasure map where you can see it and feel it. Spend time each day immersing yourself in these images. Breath them in and feel them to be a part of you.

Your thoughts are the building blocks of an amazing life. Use whatever tools you can to choose them carefully and to take you where you want to be.  Wield your wand as you follow your Magic Treasure map and smile knowing that you are Merlin and Merlin is you.Magic_wand.svg

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