The Discovery of Your Personal Alchemy: Avenue #4

How often do you find yourself insisting on a very specific outcome to a desire you have? I must confess, I myself have been in insistent-mode a bit too often in my life. This means then that I am resisting and not accepting where I am in that moment. I have come to realize that all of that insistence and resistance leads to one thing: the unraveling of any opportunity I may have had to reach my goal; to manifest my desire. It’s a funny thing how pushing and insisting stunts any and all growth. Our thoughts, if not policed, can do this. Because we forget about co-creation and letting go, suddenly our Magic is no where to be found; our wand becomes deactivated and turns to lead.


So how do we find our magic source and activate our beautiful wands? Simply get out of the way and ALLOW. Okay. So maybe it may not seem that simple at first, but with practice it can be. And it all starts with the first moment of awareness: awareness that we are not holding the vibration of what we want but of that which we do not want; awareness that we are thinking thoughts of “It has to be this way! My way!”; awareness of the idea that if we trust and relax, it will all flow.

It is much easier to flow downstream than upstream. The downstreams of life show up when we allow. The upstreams show up when we resist what is and insist on the how. And for me, maybe a part of stepping into the allowing is to accept that it is all much easier than my thoughts lead me to believe.

Below I share with you a video from Abraham, a group consciousness channeled from the non-physical dimensions who are hailed by Louise Hay as “some of the best teachers on the planet today”, and by Wayne Dyer as “the great Masters of the Universe”. They talk here of what they call “The Law of Allowing”.

It is interesting that at the end of the video, as they speed through their sharing of information, we still “get it” and it resonates fully. Perhaps because it really IS all so simple…

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