Merlin Is Me and I Am Merlin

Thought does create. What we think about does show up in our lives. I always believed that. Always knew that thought is powerful and that the Universe is grand and magic happens. But it never hurts to have proof. I now have that proof. I am a wizard.

Last night I was out for a stroll in a lovely nearby town (Northampton, Massachusetts) and walked passed a bar and pizzeria that I had never seen before called Sam’s. In the mood for something other than a frozen dinner again, I popped inside. It was a lovely, festive hopping place filled with live entertainment and unique individuals ranging from teenage girls to hippies to a few drunk good ‘ol boys. Sam'sI decided to join this eclectic group and listen to the live music with a slice of pizza. I took a seat close to the performer amongst the tipsy rednecks, and I settled into some lovely Elton John and Jim Croce tunes as I enjoyed my steamy slice. As we were into a Gordon Lightfoot melody, an odd fellow sat next to me. At first he unnerved me a bit as he was a bit too close and appeared to be rather “unique” (to be polite). But then when I saw that he was reading “the Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, I thought that maybe he wasn’t all that bad. Until I noticed his creepy stares in my direction. Then I really began feeling uncomfortable and began chewing faster. The more he looked the faster I chewed. I had just finished and was preparing to make my getaway when some oh-so-beautiful melodies began lilting from the guitar. I paused and thought, “Why does that sound so familiar?” What I heard next made my jaw drop to the floor and totally tune out my ogling admirer. It was “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack! If you are new to my blog, check out the post that I wrote three days ago. It is titled “I hope you dance”. I have the Lee Ann Womack song at the end, and I even purposely used her lyrics in different ways throughout my post! Stunning. Amazing. Magical. If you are sitting there saying, “Why? What’s the big deal?”, I will tell you. How bizarre is it that I “just happened” to be in Northampton in Sam’s where I had NEVER been before, didn’t know they had music, wasn’t even planning on being in Northampton that night, and an unscheduled musician plays a song I had just written about. I would have had a better chance of winning the Mega Millions or being struck by lightening twice.

I did make my hasty retreat after I picked up my jaw from the floor and listened to the song. All the way home I contemplated the miraculousness of this happening. What did it mean? What did it say to me? First it spoke to me of the power of thought. And then it spoke to me of the power of the Universe. And then it reminded me of the subtle and beautiful energy of the Universe that is continually conspiring and manipulating wonderful and glorious things for us without our even knowing. If I had arrived at Sam’s 15 minutes earlier or later, I would never have been there for the song. No wonder I had to drive around so long to find a parking place…something that never happens in that small town.

So, my friends, be on the look out for ways the Universe is conspiring to make your life miraculous and magical. How grand is that? I say that I am a wizard because I was co-creator of this amazing little event. I worked my alchemy without even knowing it.
Your Magic Wand

We are all wizards. Breathe in this glorious fact. Feel it. Know it. The magic is there all around you and within you. Just when you least expect it you will see a beautiful wand in your hand and your desires and dreams will have materialized at your feet. Merlin is all of us and we are all Merlin. That is for sure. I have proof.

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  1. I am constantly amazed at how the things we think are coincidence are really under our own control. Another lovely and thought provoking post!

  2. Jeanine says:

    You are awesome!

  3. Lovely. Always believe.

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